What You Should Know About the New Synergy IOL

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Are you tired of living with cataracts that impact your vision? It may be time to talk to your eye doctor about having cataract surgery.

If you do need to have cataract surgery, you’ll need to choose an intraocular lens, also known as an IOL, before you can have the procedure. IOLs are artificial lenses that take over the job of the previously clear natural lens.

They are permanent, and with many different IOLs to choose from, it’s crucial to understand the many offerings available. When making this decision, you and your eye doctor will need to take your lifestyle, individual visual goals, and needs into account.

The biggest thing to take into consideration? Whether you want to continue depending on glasses or contact lenses after having cataract surgery.

If the answer is no, then a premium intraocular lens may make the most sense. Before you think that you’ve made your choice, you need to know that there are many premium IOLs available, and new ones are receiving FDA approval all the time.

The newest lens that received FDA approval is the Synergy IOL, which Diagnostic Eye Center is happy to offer to our cataract patients. Keep reading to find out what you should know about the new Synergy IOL!

What is the Synergy IOL, and Why is it Different from Other Premium IOLs?

The newest FDA-approved premium lens is the Synergy IOL. While it was recently approved in the United States, it has been available for patients in Europe for several years with incredible results and high patient satisfaction.  With this premium lens, patients can see with a continuous range of sight.

The Synergy IOL provides patients with the broadest range of vision of all available premium lenses, including the trifocal IOL, at all distances: up close, far away, and intermediate distances. Thanks to increased visual acuity, the Synergy lens offers patients the best near vision compared to other premium IOLs as well.

Patients can see better contrast between light and dark, especially if they are in low lighting. This is especially helpful when reading a menu in a dim restaurant or seeing a step or curb when out at night.  When completing tasks like driving at night or navigating streets, patients can easily see streetlights or other objects that may be difficult to see with other IOLs.

The Synergy IOL also features violet-filtering technology that decreases the appearance of halos and starbursts around lights, which is crucial if you’re driving at night.

People with multifocal lenses, another kind of premium lens, often experience gaps between the prescription strengths. With the Synergy IOL, patients don’t experience these gaps in their vision because they aren’t there. Instead, patients can enjoy having truly continuous sight, no matter what they see.

Who May Be a Good Candidate for the Synergy IOL?

Although a premium lens like the Synergy IOL may sound fantastic, it’s not suitable for everyone. The only way to know if the Synergy lens is the right choice for you is to schedule a cataract screening at Diagnostic Eye Center in Houston.

The Synergy IOL is best for someone looking to reduce their dependence on glasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery. If you’re reasonably active, this could be the premium lens for you.

People who like to play tennis, frequently go golfing or swim several times a week could benefit from this lens. Having an active lifestyle often means that depending on glasses or contact lenses to see is not ideal.

The Synergy IOL can help reduce your dependence on needing visual aids after having your cataracts removed. Whether you need to be able to see the entire length of the pool as you’re swimming laps, or you don’t want to worry about where to put your glasses during your yoga class, the Synergy IOL could help you live the life you want.

The Synergy IOL is for Patients with Presbyopia and Cataracts

Are you someone with presbyopia who also needs to have their cataracts removed? Like other premium IOLs, the Synergy lens treats both presbyopia and cataracts.

Presbyopia occurs when the natural lens in the eye begins to lose its flexibility. As the lens becomes less flexible, it will become more problematic when you want to see things up close.

You may notice you struggle when completing tasks like reading a book, looking at a menu when trying to order at a restaurant, or putting on makeup. If you find yourself holding things that you’re attempting to see further away as a way to see them more clearly, this is a classic sign of presbyopia.

The easiest solution is to start wearing reading glasses, which can help when you need to focus on things up close. The good news is that the Synergy IOL treats presbyopia.

If you’re having cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange (RLE), there’s nothing else you need to do. It’s simply one of the key offerings of this premium lens.

Does the Synergy IOL Treat Astigmatism?

If you’re a patient with astigmatism, the Synergy IOL is also available for you in a special toric model. The toric model of the Synergy lens is the same design as the standard Synergy lens, except it’s meant for patients with astigmatism.

Astigmatism occurs when the eye has more power in one direction than the other, affecting how light focuses in the eye. This causes the light to focus at two points rather than one.

When this happens, patients experience distorted and blurry vision. By choosing the toric model of the Synergy IOL, patients can eliminate their astigmatism and their cataracts all at once.

In combination with customized laser cataract surgery and the use of the ORA technology, your surgeon can achieve the most accurate and precise placement of the toric IOL.

Choosing the right intraocular lens is a big decision, and our team is here to help you every step of the way.  Our surgeons, Dr. Marc Sanders and Dr. Andrew Salem take pride in offering the latest technology in cataract surgery and will discuss your visual needs as well as your lifestyle to help you make the best decision for you.  Every patient is different, and we’ll make sure you have all of your questions answered to feel confident in your decision.

If you would like to find out more about this state-of-the-art premium lens, schedule a cataract consultation at Diagnostic Eye Center in Houston, TX now.  We look forward to seeing you!


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