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Are you looking for creative ways to save for LASIK in Houston?

Have you been considering LASIK but want to make sure you get value added to your new vision? Are you tired of continually spending your hard-earned money on glasses and contacts, just to see them lost or broken? Use your money wisely and put those dollars to work for your vision!

Diagnostic Eye Center’s LASIK Next program rewards our patients with a long-term plan for better vision at a reduced cost. With LASIK Next, you can get up to $1,500 of eyewear and contact lens purchases at Diagnostic Eye Center discounted from your LASIK procedure.

  • Maximum deduction, including any other discounts, is $1,500
  • Applies to bilateral LASIK (both eyes). For unilateral LASIK, the maximum discount is $750
  • Includes patient contributions for glasses and contact lenses purchased from Diagnostic Eye Center.
  • Insurance payments are not included.
  • Applies to purchases made over a 3-year period prior to the date of LASIK

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