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Former Astros Josh Reddick is Happy with his Lasik results at Diagnostic Eye Center
Josh Riddick running the bases with his hand in the air

Former Houston Astros outfielder and World Series Champion Josh Reddick has LASIK with Dr. Andrew Salem at Diagnostic Eye Center

Josh Reddick was a key player for the Houston Astros during their historic 2017 World Series victory. The championship not only marked a major sports achievement but also served as a source of unity and resilience for Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Known for his big personality, Josh won over the hearts of Houston fans with his Spiderman costumes and wrestling belts, in addition to making some amazing plays on the field. He retired from professional baseball in 2023 but still calls the Houston area home.

Josh has been playing baseball since he was a kid, but having to deal with putting contacts in and out every time he played was a huge hassle. Playing in the big leagues also means traveling all over the country, and high altitudes also made his contacts dry out. He finally decided to take the leap and get rid of contacts for good with laser vision correction! Josh says that his biggest motivation was to wake up and be able to see without putting anything on or in his eyes.

Josh Reddick and Dr. Salem after LASIK surgery

After being referred by his team optometrist, Josh came to see Dr. Salem at Diagnostic Eye Center. He had several scans and measurements taken of his corneas, then his eyes were numbed with eye drops. The actual procedure took less than ten minutes! Josh says that LASIK was a great experience! “Everybody on the team was welcoming and treated me with kindness. I knew what to expect going in so it wasn’t much of a surprise.”

To anyone considering LASIK or any other vision correction surgery, Josh says, “Don’t wait! Get it done ASAP!”

Thank you, Josh, for trusting us with your eyes and for sharing your LASIK story with the world! Congratulations on your new 20/20 vision! Your contributions to the Astros and to the city of Houston have left an indelible mark. We’re honored to have played a small role in enhancing your vision, just as you’ve enhanced the spirit of Houston!

Baylee putting in contacts in the mirror

Baylee’s LASIK Journey with Dr. Andres Parra at Diagnostic Eye Center

I first got glasses in early elementary school. I soon realized I hated the feeling of glasses on my face, especially being an active kid. A few years later, I transitioned to contacts, which was a better solution for me for the time being. My vision was bad enough that I wouldn’t even leave my room without contacts or glasses on. While I was grateful for contacts helping me to see better, it was a constant hassle to make sure I had enough stock, making sure I brought them everywhere with me, and dealing with the irritation they often caused me. For most of my adult life I was counting down the days until I could get rid of them for good. This year, that dream finally came true!

I was so beyond excited to get LASIK and finally not have to worry about putting something in my eyes every day just to see normally. However, I was also extremely nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. The minute I stepped into Diagnostic Eye Center, my nerves were instantly calmed. The staff was beyond kind and made me feel so comfortable. Dr. Parra explained the scans to me in detail and told me I was a great candidate for LASIK! He answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease.

Baylee smiling after LASIK surgery with Dr. Parra at Diagnostic Eye Center

The day finally came for my LASIK procedure, and Dr. Parra talked me through the whole procedure. It was over so quickly! My favorite part was the stuffed bear they gave me to hold onto. I was expecting to be in some pain after and not be able to see well for a while, but honestly my vision was significantly better immediately after. I just had a little irritation and watery eyes. I went to sleep right when I got home and woke up a few hours later seeing perfectly! There was hardly any down time during my experience.

LASIK is one of the best decisions I have made for myself, and I would do it 10x over again if I had to! I have friends ask me about my experience and how my eyes are now, and I genuinely forget that I didn’t always see this perfectly and that I had this procedure done. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Parra and to Diagnostic Eye Center for making this experience as great as it was for me!

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