The Best Reasons to Consider LASIK and Change Your Life for the Better

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Ever thought about getting LASIK? A lot of people dream of better vision and doing away with pesky glasses and contact lenses. But they may be hesitant to take the steps towards getting LASIK, either due to money or fear of what the procedure entails.

But what you may not realize is LASIK is an affordable, safe, and highly effective procedure. Because it permanently reshapes the cornea and corrects refractive errors, it can also give you the vision of your dreams!

LASIK can change your life in so many different ways, many of which you probably haven’t even considered. If you’ve been on the fence about getting LASIK for a while, it’s time to make a decision that will change you for the better. Keep reading for the best reasons to get LASIK!

Make it Easier to Do What You Love

When you can see without glasses or contact lenses, you’ll have much more freedom to do all kinds of things. If you wear contact lenses, they can be limiting even though they allow you to see without glasses.

Think of how often your eyes have dried out because you’ve worn your contact lenses too long, how irritated your eyes get when cooking, or if you’re outdoors during allergy season.

Or maybe you’ve never been able to wear contacts because you don’t like the idea of having to change them in and out. Glasses can be even more frustrating.

They constantly fog up if you change environments and get smudged from the simplest everyday tasks. Wearing them means taking them off countless times to clean them, usually with your shirt.

With LASIK, you can do away with all these annoyances. Most patients end up with 20/20 vision or better. Wouldn’t you like to say you no longer need glasses or contact lenses anymore?

It can be your new, permanent reality if you’re a good LASIK candidate. LASIK makes your life so much simpler and more manageable. Who doesn’t want more time to do the things they love and better vision while they do them?

See Every Detail

Seeing 20/20 or better may seem unattainable, but it’s not with vision correction procedures like LASIK. Many people don’t realize that LASIK corrects your vision beyond what you could see with glasses or contact lenses.

Your vision is significantly improved, allowing you to see more clearly. Without lenses in your way, you’ll have better depth perception, which also means better reaction times.

Colors will even seem brighter! You’ll be able to truly take in every detail everywhere you go after you have LASIK. The whole world will look like it’s in HD! Whether you are an athlete or want to see movies knowing you’ll see every scene with incredible clarity, LASIK can improve anything.

Be More Spontaneous

Glasses and contact lenses can make it harder to be adventurous, especially when it comes to hiking and camping outdoors or even just traveling. There’s more to pack, and you have to worry about your glasses breaking, getting lost, or forgetting to pack enough contact lenses.

After you have LASIK, your life will be simpler, and it’ll be easier to go on planned trips. Beyond making planned traveling better, you’ll finally be able to more spontaneous.

Cutting even one thing out of your routine for getting ready can make a significant difference. Do more things on the fly because you can, and LASIK will take care of your ability to see. Visual freedom can make you feel freer in everything you do.

Save Money

It may seem like LASIK is out of reach because of its cost, but it’s not. Did you know that when you get LASIK, you can save money?

If you’re like most people, you spend hundreds of dollars every year on your contacts, glasses, and any of their necessary accessories. But when you have LASIK, these are expenses you no longer have to worry about.

Most patients use financing to pay for their procedure and pay it off after only two years. If you choose to go this route, in almost no time at all, LASIK will start paying for itself!

Contrary to what you may have heard, LASIK is also a permanent procedure. That means you can look forward to many years of crystal-clear vision.

Knowing this, why wouldn’t you invest in something like LASIK? Seeing better and saving money is a fantastic way to get the most out of yourself.

Get the Best with Diagnostic Eye Center

For the best vision, you should go to the best LASIK surgeon. At Diagnostic Eye Center, we can give you just that. You’ll see Dr. Andrew Salem, one of the country’s best LASIK surgeons.

He graduated from UCLA and completed a Cornea, External Ocular Diseases, and Refractive Surgery fellowship at the world-renowned Jules Stein Eye Institute.

Dr. Salem is an experienced, knowledgeable surgeon who uses only the most state-of-the-art LASIK technology. He’s also passionate about patient care and is highly personable with all his patients.

When you choose to have LASIK at Diagnostic Eye Center, you can be sure that he’ll happily answer and address whatever questions and concerns you may have, so you’ll know what to expect.

Need another reason to choose Diagnostic Eye Center? Learn about our LASIK Next program. With LASIK Next, you can reduce up to $1500 from the cost of LASIK that you’ve spent on contacts or glasses with us. You can start saving money for LASIK while we care for your eyewear needs.

Whether you plan to use LASIK Next or not, don’t wait to get your LASIK consultation. Make an appointment today at Diagnostic Eye Center in Houston, TX, for a commitment-free evaluation to find out if LASIK can change your life!


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