Do You Have Presbyopia? Here’s Why Vuity is a Game Changer

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Have you recently started needing reading glasses when you complete tasks right in front of you? Presbyopia is a common age-related eye condition that makes it challenging to focus up-close.

Many, if not most, adults over the age of 45 have some degree of presbyopia. As much as it’s frustrating, presbyopia is also a very natural side effect of aging.

Although it’s common, presbyopia can still be annoying, often making it necessary to use reading glasses even if you don’t want to. But now, there is an alternative to reading glasses and vision correction surgery to correct presbyopia in a prescription eye drop called Vuity.

Want to learn more about presbyopia and how Vuity can correct it? Keep reading to find out if Vuity could be right for you!

What is Presbyopia?

As you get older, the natural lens in your eyes becomes less flexible. The lens in your eyes changes shape to focus and see objects up close more clearly.

When the muscles that control the lens weaken, the lens becomes less pliable, making it more challenging to focus. Presbyopia makes tasks requiring fine focus, like reading, so difficult.

If you have presbyopia, reading glasses can be quite helpful. They help magnify close-up objects.

But you can’t wear reading glasses all the time as they interfere with your distance vision and your ability to see things that are further away. This is what makes reading glasses a little irritating to wear.

If you want to use them, you have to keep them on hand for when you need to look at something closely. Then, you have to put them away before going back to your usual activities.

If the idea of relying on reading glasses whenever you need to see something up close doesn’t sound ideal, you may want to consider another option like Vuity.

What is Vuity?

Vuity is the only FDA-approved eye drop of its kind that treats presbyopia. Taking these eye drops every day allows your eyes to focus better.

You can see up close for as long as the medication is in effect. The drops last for about six hours. Every patient is different, so you may find that the effect is more or less than six hours for you.

If you’re working during the day, the drops can reduce your dependence on reading glasses. The eye drops will help you focus up close.

While you’ll easily be able to see things in front of you, Vuity eye drops won’t interfere with your distance vision and ability to see far away. You can quickly go from reading to looking up to see something farther away without losing any visual acuity. The best part is you won’t have to switch between reading glasses to see things up close anymore!

How Vuity Works

You may be familiar with eye drops that dilate your pupils. These are frequently used when you see your eye doctor for eye exams to enlarge your pupils and examine your retina.

Vuity eye drops are similar, but they have the opposite effect of these dilating eye drops. They contain a medication called pilocarpine that shrinks your pupils.

Your pupils naturally become smaller when you focus more up close, so making them smaller makes it easier to focus up close even if you have presbyopia. Using Vuity eye drops helps compensate for the lack of flexibility of your natural lens by shrinking your pupils.

Like dilating eye drops, pilocarpine eventually wears off. You need to take Vuity regularly to ensure your presbyopia symptoms stay at bay.

Vuity eye drops have only been FDA-approved for use once a day. But it’s safe to use them once a day, giving you hours of improved vision. As Vuity continues evolving, there may be versions of the medication in the future that patients can use more frequently.

Using Vuity Eye Drops

You can use Vuity eye drops once a day. You should only put one drop in each eye. Take Vuity every day to get the most out of this revolutionary presbyopia treatment.

You can still use Vuity eye drops even if you regularly wear glasses or contact lenses to treat refractive errors and have presbyopia. The key is to wait before putting in your contact lenses.

Wait ten minutes after putting in Vuity eye drops before putting your contacts in for the best results. When you first put in Vuity eye drops, they may cause minimal redness and irritation as your eyes get used to them.

If you use them regularly, this irritation will disappear as your eyes adjust. If the irritation doesn’t disappear after a few days of use, which can happen on rare occasions, contact your eye doctor before using them again.

You may also experience headaches as a common side effect of using Vuity. If you use other topical eye medications, make sure to administer them at least five minutes apart. After waiting five minutes, you can put your Vuity eye drops in.

Reap the Rewards

Using Vuity can give you your best vision and eliminate the need for reading glasses for a large part of your day. It is important to note that all patients have to pay out of pocket for Vuity because insurance does not cover it.

However, it’s still affordable, thanks to a robust rewards plan. When you receive your first prescription for Vuity, sign up for a free My Vuity Points card to start earning points right away.

Using the card at your pharmacy when you pick up your medication gets you the best price on Vuity and earns you points. When you get enough points, you can get a free bottle of Vuity!

This program eases the expense of Vuity significantly, so you can enjoy your best vision and live a life that’s free of reading glasses due to these revolutionary eye drops.

Learn more about Vuity and find out if it could be right for you by scheduling an appointment at Diagnostic Eye Center in Houston, TX, today!


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