Why LASIK is This Year’s Best Gift to Treat Yourself To

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is all about being together with your friends and family and showing your gratitude through thoughtful gifts.

But when you do so much all year for others and have gotten something for everyone on your list, who’s to say you can’t also give yourself something special? Treat yourself to something this year that will change your life and last a lifetime by having LASIK!

Splurge and give yourself your dream gift because you deserve it! Keep reading to find out why LASIK is this year’s best gift to treat yourself to!

Visual Freedom with LASIK

Are glasses and contact lenses causing you frustration? The number one reason to get LASIK is to say goodbye to your visual aids.

You can achieve total visual freedom once you have LASIK surgery, eliminating your need for other visual aids. If you’re used to wearing glasses or contact lenses, you may not even notice all the minor irritations, but they add up and become part of your routine. Do you really want to deal with dry eyes because of wearing your contact lenses while working?

Do the lenses of your glasses always fog up when you come back inside or while you’re cooking? Are your eyes feeling dry because you wore contacts while working out?

Did you lose your glasses one too many times and now have to pay out of pocket for a replacement pair that your insurance won’t cover? These irritating things can be a thing of the past when you have LASIK and can see clearly without anything to hold you back.

Experience the Holidays in Full Color

LASIK doesn’t only help you see without the aid of glasses or contacts. It can also help you see even better than you ever could with visual aids.

After LASIK surgery, patients tend to have better depth perception and better hand-eye coordination and reaction times. They can also see colors more vibrantly, making everything seem bright and vivid.

When you have LASIK, your vision starts improving almost immediately. In the day and weeks after the procedure, your eyesight will only continue to improve as your eyes heal.

Recovery from LASIK is also quick and easy, with most people only experiencing discomfort for the first day or two. Knowing that you can get back to the things that make the holiday season so great makes it a fantastic time to have LASIK.

You’ll have more than enough time to recover and enjoy all the holiday sights, lights, trees, and window displays in high definition. What’s not to love about seeing the beauty of the holiday season and experiencing it in 20/20 vision or better as well?

See Your Loved Ones

The holidays are all about spending time with the people you care most about, like your family. But when you give yourself the gift of clear vision, you can see the people you love better than ever.

One of the unique things about being human is our ability to recognize familiar faces, but when you’re wearing glasses or contacts, you may not be seeing everything.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see your children’s faces right when they wake you up in the morning, brimming with excitement before you have a chance to put in your contact lenses? Or what about waking up and seeing your partner’s face without needing to fumble around looking for glasses?

These little things can make the holidays and your life much more magical, giving you better sight and insight into the people closest to you. Part of the reason LASIK is so popular is that it changes lives. What you may not realize is that it can change your life for the better in a million tiny ways that you never expected.

Long-Lasting Vision

Although some people believe that LASIK is temporary, it’s not. LASIK is a vision correction procedure that’s permanent and won’t wear off over time.

It cannot treat future vision conditions like presbyopia and cataracts, but it will provide you with decades of clear vision. This is possible because it reshapes your eye to correct refractive errors.

For LASIK to provide the best possible results, you must have a stable prescription that’s remained unchanged for at least a year before the procedure. Having a stable prescription is one of the many factors taken into account for LASIK candidacy. The only way to determine if you’re a good LASIK candidate is to schedule a LASIK consultation at Diagnostic Eye Center in Houston.

Be Prepared for the New Year

A new year means a new you. Want to be more adventurous in the coming year? Do you want to travel more?

So many New Year’s resolutions are easier to stick to when you have visual freedom and don’t need to rely on glasses or contact lenses to see the world around you. Travel is more accessible when you’re no longer spending time worrying about packing spare glasses and contact lenses.

Outdoor adventures and being spontaneous is easier when you don’t have to worry about breaking your glasses or irritating your contacts. The great outdoors and contact lenses don’t go together if you love camping.

But after LASIK, you’ll no longer have to think about if your hands are too dirty to touch your contacts because you’ll be able to see without limits. It’ll also make the stars look fantastic!

LASIK can even improve your career, giving you more time to focus on work. Without spending time putting your contacts in and taking them out every day, you’ll have more time to yourself during your daily routine. Having more time can mean getting more sleep, feeling more productive, and even having time to meditate before starting your workday!

Invest in Yourself with LASIK in Houston

If you’re worried about how you’ll pay for LASIK, don’t forget that most people choose to finance LASIK. Remember that LASIK is an investment in yourself, and at Diagnostic Eye Center, we offer a LASIK Next program that rewards our patients.

Using LASIK Next, you can get up to $1,500 of your eyewear and contact lens purchases at Diagnostic Eye Center taken off your LASIK procedure. There’s no reason why something as simple as cost should hold you back from experiencing the vision you’ve always wanted!

By getting LASIK, you’ll save yourself money as well, since you’ll no longer need to pay for glasses, contact lenses, and their necessary accessories. Did you know that, on average, you’re spending about $500 every year on these things?

When you have LASIK, you’ll no longer need to pay for eyewear, saving you money. The best part is that LASIK pays for itself in as little as two years for most people.

If you want to give yourself the ultimate holiday gift, why not make it LASIK? Find out if this vision correction procedure is right for you by scheduling your LASIK consultation at Diagnostic Eye Center in Houston, TX, and do something for you this holiday season!


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