Eye Allergies Got You Down?

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Pollen season is here! We love the great city of Houston, but allergies are, unfortunately, a common side effect of living in the Bayou City. While many Houstonians suffer from seasonal allergies, others can be affected all year long. The Houston optometrists of Diagnostic Eye Center are here to help!

Allergic conjunctivitis is a reaction to common allergens, including pollen, pet dander, and dust, but it can even occur as an adverse reaction to products used in and around the eyes, such as eye drops or cosmetics. You know the symptoms – red, itchy, watery eyes that make it difficult to see clearly and accomplish your daily tasks. The eyelids may be swollen and red as well. Itchy eyes lead to rubbing, which causes even more inflammation and can result in serious damage to the ocular surface.

Fortunately, our Houston optometrists have many treatment options available for eye allergies, from prescription strength antihistamine eye drops, to topical corticosteroids, all of which can safely treat allergic conjunctivititis when used properly. It is important to be seen for a complete evaluation before using any eye drops, as watery eyes may be a symptom of other ocular health issues, such as dry eyes or pink eye.

Ocular allergies affect people of all ages, so don’t forget to seek help for your little ones as well! The caring doctors and staff of Diagnostic Eye Center can relieve your allergy suffering! Call us today at 713-797-1500 to schedule your appointment. We even have same-day appointments available.


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