What Makes Houston Great After You’ve Had LASIK?

Do you think about ways to improve your vision? If you’re a good candidate, one way to achieve visual freedom is by having LASIK!

LASIK is the most popular elective procedure you can undergo for a reason. Not only is it highly safe and effective, but it also has high rates of patient satisfaction.

It’s not a coincidence that LASIK has a 96% patient satisfaction rate among those that have had it! It’s because LASIK works.

Most patients end up with 20/20 vision or better after getting LASIK! Choosing to have LASIK surgery can change your life, giving you visual clarity and freedom from contact lenses and glasses and increasing your confidence and willingness to try new things.

Getting LASIK anywhere can be life-changing, but having it right here in Houston can open up a whole new world. After you’ve had LASIK, experiencing all that Houston has to offer is even more enjoyable. Keep reading to learn about a few things you can get more out of in Houston after having LASIK!

Catch a Performance at The Miller Outdoor Theatre

If you’re looking to experience all the culture Houston has to offer while lounging on a picnic blanket, then the Miller Outdoor Theatre is the place to be. See a local production of a play, opera, or musical performance from a wide array of guests.

The best part? It’s free! And once you’ve had LASIK, it won’t matter how far you sit from the stage.

You’ll have better vision, allowing you to see every detail. One of the best things about achieving visual freedom is no longer needing to wear contacts.

They can be a pain whenever you’re outdoors, making allergy symptoms worse and drying out your eyes during allergy season. Have a more comfortable and relaxing time lounging outdoors with friends and family of all ages while taking in a free performance!

These summer days make Houston the best place to be, so why not enjoy them to the fullest with improved vision?

Visit The Houston Zoo

Going to the zoo is always a fun way to spend a day, but it’s even better after getting LASIK! You’ll be able to see all the animals so much better, without straining to spot a far-off exotic bird or Shasta the cougar hiding up on his perch.

You’ll also be able to do more without getting bogged down by foggy glasses or irritating contacts. There’s nothing worse than trying to see an exhibit and having your visual aids get in the way.

The zoo is a crowd-pleaser, and so is LASIK! With over 95% patient satisfaction, you know you’re in for a good time. Since LASIK is a permanent procedure, you can look forward to improved vision for decades to come!

 See Life in Color at The Color Factory

Do you ever wish you could interact with giant sculptures and installations at the art museum? Well, your dreams can come true at the Color Factory!

The Color Factory is an interactive art museum with exhibits that feature bright, contrasting colors. After having LASIK, you’ll be able to appreciate the depth of colors a whole lot more.

Why? Patients often report that colors look brighter and more vibrant after getting LASIK, and it’s no wonder why. Because LASIK lets you see with more definition, even colors will seem more vivid. With your enhanced color perception, every art experience will be better, interactive or not!

Watch a Professional Sports Team

There’s no shortage of local professional sports teams here in Houston. From the Houston Rockets to the Astros, there are plenty of opportunities to catch a game live and in person.

Once you’ve had LASIK, watching any sport will become more exciting. Did you know professional athletes also often get LASIK?

It’s true! LASIK gives you independence from glasses and contacts while also improving your vision. Patients who get LASIK, including professional athletes, see better than they ever could with glasses or contact lenses.

That’s because LASIK improves your vision beyond what your prescription was. That means better depth perception and better reaction times.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to appreciate the benefits of better vision. Whether you’re an amateur player or just a fan, sports can get even better after LASIK!

Take a Bike Ride or Stroll Through Buffalo Bayou Park

Arguably the most beautiful park in the city, Buffalo Bayou Park is the perfect place to walk, run, or bike. You can get some exercise while enjoying the scenery.

LASIK doesn’t just make the scenery prettier, either. Exercising is so much easier without contact lenses or glasses to worry about.

If you like to be physically active, you know how annoying it can be to have sweat make your glasses slip or have the wind in your eyes dry out your contacts when you’re biking.

After LASIK, all you have to worry about is focusing on your workout or having a light stroll! You don’t have to think about your visual aids, where to store them, or how to keep them in line. You can enjoy yourself in the moment.

Visit the Houston Space Center

The Houston Space Center is the place to learn about space travel, no matter how old you are. There’s so much to do, from special programs to looking at the world’s most extensive collection of moon rocks and space suits.

Space truly is the place of the future, and so is a world without glasses or contact lenses. In the future, vision correction surgery may be as commonplace as commercial space travel!

For now, though, LASIK may feel like something from the future, but it’s an attainable, affordable procedure. The recovery period is short, and you’ll save money in the long run by not spending more money on glasses and contacts.

LASIK is an investment in yourself, so why not give yourself the ultimate gift of clear, unencumbered vision? The future is in your hands!

Schedule your LASIK consultation at Diagnostic Eye Center in Houston, TX, and start seeing the world as you’ve always imagined it!