7 Ways LASIK Makes Your Life Better

Have you thought about getting LASIK but, for one reason or another, haven’t done it yet? LASIK is an incredible permanent procedure that reshapes your cornea and corrects refractive errors!

LASIK is life-changing. If you’ve ever dreamed of true visual freedom, LASIK may be the way to go. Keep reading to learn about 7 ways LASIK can improve your life and make it even better!

1. LASIK allows you to say goodbye to glasses and contacts for good

smiling woman in white shirt holding her glasses

For most people that get LASIK, the best outcome is that they achieve visual freedom! This means no more dependence on glasses or contact lenses! Small, everyday moments become easier without worrying about your vision.

Can you imagine waking up every morning and being able to see clearly? You can finally say goodbye to midnight walks to the bathroom that is blurry because you couldn’t find your glasses.

You can also shave minutes off of your morning routine when you don’t need to put in contact lenses anymore. And, you will never need to worry about losing your glasses or contacts while traveling or throughout the day.

After LASIK surgery, you won’t need to take that extra five minutes to clean your glasses or put in new contacts. It’ll also be faster and easier to go to bed when you don’t have to remove your contacts or locate your glasses case.

These are small changes, but they add up. How many times have you had to rush around your house because you couldn’t find your glasses even though they were right on your head?

Everyone has done it, but these will be things that you can laugh about and forget were even worries. Instead, you can wake up in the morning and see. Something is calming about clear vision you know you’ll always have, no matter what’s going on in the world.

2. LASIK will save you money

LASIK allows you to save money.  Not only are you no longer spending money on glasses and contacts, but you’re also no longer buying replacements, new contacts, new lens solution, and any of the accessories that go along with them. These items can add up fast!

pile of quarters on wood table

If the cost of LASIK makes you nervous, here at Diagnostic Eye Center, we offer our patient’s financing options to make the procedure more affordable, as well as our LASIK Next program, which allows you to get up to $1,500 of eyewear and contact lens purchases at Diagnostic Eye Center credited toward your LASIK procedure.

After all, cost shouldn’t be what holds you back from the clear vision you’ve always wanted.

3. LASIK makes travel more convenient

man holding his head while sitting on top of suitcase

LASIK is a great decision for individuals who are consistently traveling. The next time you need to travel, LASIK will make packing faster and easier. No more wondering how many extra contacts to bring or being concerned that you didn’t bring your spare glasses. No matter where you’re traveling, LASIK makes it simple.

Ever scoured a foreign pharmacy because you didn’t bring enough contact solution? You’ll never have to do it again! Instead, LASIK will allow you to relax and enjoy your next vacation finally.

Outdoor travel also becomes easier for allergy sufferers. LASIK can bring an end to the discomfort caused by contacts during allergy season. Pollen can get everywhere, including on your hands and in your eyes. If pollen gets on your contacts, your eyes will pay the price.

When you get LASIK, your eyes will be less irritated since you’ll no longer need to wear contact lenses. For the price of convenience, LASIK really is priceless!

4. LASIK makes your favorite sports and activities better

woman riding bike on bridge with city buildings in background

Whether you’re working out by running or biking in downtown Houston or playing sports with your friends, being active is better after LASIK. When you don’t have glasses slipping down your nose or contacts that dry out to worry about, you can get in the zone.

You can swim, paddle, and surf without concern that you’ll lose a contact or drop your glasses in the water.

Love camping? LASIK is great for you as well. Camping is great until you have to deal with your contacts while doing it. You may end up touching your contact lenses with dirty hands or breaking your glasses while spending time outdoors!

5. You can finally buy cute sunglasses after LASIK

woman in yellow shirt and sunglasses smiling while crossing the street

If you need glasses or contacts to see outside, there’s a good chance that you wear prescription sunglasses. You may even double up on your regular prescription with a pair of sunglasses.

This choice creates an uncomfortable and inconvenient fit. Skip the expense and discomfort of these options by getting LASIK.

You can finally try those heart-shaped sunglasses at the gas station when you know your vision is no longer a factor. You can have many pairs of sunglasses without shelling out hundreds of dollars to get several prescription pairs.

Make sure that whatever sunglasses you choose provide you with plenty of UVA and UVB protection from the sun’s rays. You can easily tell by looking for a label on any sunglasses you buy. If it doesn’t have a label, buy a different pair!

6. LASIK improves your self-confidence

If you’ve always had glasses, you may be used to them, but that doesn’t always mean you love the way you look in them. Wearing glasses may affect your self-confidence.

LASIK gives you the ability to dress without worrying about your glasses matching your outfits or even your personality! It can be expensive to keep up with changing styles and buy several new pairs every year. You’ll no longer have to deal with glasses matching your style when you get LASIK.

Many patients also report that poor vision can make them feel uncomfortable or at a disadvantage during active social situations – with LASIK, many patients experience significant improvements in their eyesight, making them feel confident in any situation!

Think about how much easier it’ll be to see your eyes and face uninterrupted after LASIK! And, you’ll no longer need to buy new glasses every year to be on-trend!

7. LASIK means you can take beautiful pictures

smiling woman wearing red jacket and black hat

If you’ve ever felt like glasses hold you back, LASIK will take care of that problem. But one benefit that many LASIK patients love is how they feel when they take pictures!

There’s something so freeing about no longer having to worry about glare or frames hiding your eyes in pictures anymore. You’re free to be exactly who you want to be.

For some people, getting LASIK is just the beginning of some amazing changes in their life! No more glare and no more frames that you have to pretend to love.

Instead, it’s your beautiful clear vision and a smile that the whole world can see!

Think that LASIK could be right for you? The first step is a LASIK consultation! Schedule yours at Diagnostic Eye Center in Houston, TX, today!

If you’re ready to experience what visual freedom could be like, isn’t it time to make a change that’s all for you?